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Is Safety in Mortal Danger?

Thursday, 11 September 2008  (extraits)



Whilst still mourning the victims of JKK 5022, it seems that we might need to add a new victim to the list. Safety is under threat.


logo.jpgAll organisations involved in the accident seem to seek to avoid being accused of responsibility for those deaths, instead of committing all their efforts, resources, knowledge and willingness with transparency, openness and without fear.

Imagine this for a moment: Society demanding a cheaper industry, but also demanding that people are blamed when an accident happens; governments allowing the bankruptcy of operators before recognising their own responsibility for the gaps and failures in the system which failed to prevent the accident; operators asking for lower requirements at European/national level, not only in Flight Time Limitations, but other necessary safety requirements for maintenance and operations, having as the only argument the economical survival of the business; lack of commitment from the regulatory bodies to write safety rules, instead of nice looking laws; lack of real effective inspection by the European/national regulatory bodies; lack of proper training of staff involved in these activities. Now, could we imagine anything worse than this?

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