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L’exemple du NTSB

Le National Transportation Safety Board, lui, n’hésite pas à montrer du doigt les instances gouvernementales lorsque c’est nécessaire.


Communiqué de presse du 7 décembre 2010 (extraits)


On August 5, 2008, a Sikorsky S-61N helicopter (N612AZ),  which was being operated by the USFS as a public flight to  transport firefighters battling forest fires, impacted trees  and terrain during the initial climb after takeoff at a  location about 6,000 feet above sea level in mountainous terrain near Weaverville.


The pilot-in- command, the safety crewmember, and seven firefighters were  fatally injured; the copilot and three firefighters were  seriously injured.


"The probable cause of this accident had to do with Carson's actions and the oversight entities' inactions," said NTSB Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman. "Carson engaged in a bargain that violated the trust of their crewmembers, the firefighters that they carried onboard, and the aviation industry. But the FAA and the Forest Service did not hold up their end of the deal to oversee Carson's actions. Public aircraft have been made the orphans of the aviation industry. It's now time for the FAA and other government agencies to step up and take responsibility."


FAA: Federal Aviation Administration, l’équivalent de la DGAC aux USA

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