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Pour ne pas oublier les victimes du vol OG 269




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On 16 September 2007 at approximately 15:40 local time a One-Two-Go Airlines (Subsidiary of Orient Thai), MD82 aircraft, registration HS-OMG, crashed and burst into flames at PhuketInternationalAirport on the Island of Phuket, Thailand. 90 passengers and crew died


Inquest Findings: "Flagrant Disregard for Passenger Safety"


Statements From the Judge [juin 2011]:


  • "The primary failure so far as I am concerned relates to the corporate culture which prevailed both prior to and following the air crash"


  • "The evidence highlights systemic failures and a highly deficient safety culture at both [One-Two-Go Airlines and Orient Thai Airlines] airlines."


  • "Further the Company [One-Two-Go Airlines and Orient Thai Airlines] falsified records in a clear attempt to mislead the Authorities who were investigating the circumstances surrounding this tragic air crash."


  • "It would be far too simplistic to place all of the responsibility upon the shoulders of the air crew."


  • "It seems to me that all Airlines should place passenger safety as a matter of the very highest priority. Clearly this was not the case with One-Two-Go Airlines."

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