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FAA Issues Pilot Fatigue Final Rule

A. Statement of the Problem (FAA)


Fatigue is characterized by a general lack of alertness and degradation in mental and physical performance. Fatigue manifests in the aviation context not only when pilots fall asleep in the cockpit in flight, but perhaps more importantly, when they are insufficiently alert during take-off and landing. Reported fatigue-related events have included procedural errors, unstable approaches, lining up with the wrong runway, and landing without clearances.





Ce qu’en pense le NTSB :


Fatigue has been on the NTSB's Most Wanted List of transportation safety improvements since 1990. Over the first century of powered flight, countless accidents trace pilot fatigue as a contributing factor. This is why the NTSB is so pleased that the FAA today issued a long-awaited science-based rule for flight and duty time.  


Yet, we are extremely disappointed that the new rule is limited to Part 121 carriers. A tired pilot is a tired pilot, whether there are 10 paying customers on board or 100, whether the payload is passengers or pallets.

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Le NTSB a raison, et pourquoi cet article est à la fois en anglais et en français?

Écrit par : ameli | 22/12/2011

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