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Fatigue. Written evidence

From Ron MacDonald


I am a retired airline Captain 26,000 hrs (AirCanada) an aircraft accident investigator for over 32 years and have assisted in 6 major accidents where in some cases fatigue has been a causal factor. One area that is often ignored is crew rest with dangerously low minimums not taking into account flight duties after chocks in travel time to rest facility hotel motel eating time and preparing for crew pick and return to flight ops for flight planning and cockpit checks. These human factor considerations are generally ignored by the airline operators and the governing bodies for economic reasons therefore putting crews and passengers in harms way by expecting fatigued crews to operate complex aircraft with inadequate rest on long duty days. If the industry was as serious about safety as they proclaim then a minimum crew rest of 12 hours should be made into law, anything less is a mockery of Flight Safety Standards which today are purely based on economics. Try having an accident instead of adequate flight time limitations and how many of the special committee on flight time limitations have any direct knowledge of operating an aeroplane through time zones , disrupted circadian rhythm


Captain Ron Macdonald FrAeS.

January 2012

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