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AF 447. Significant events

  • ars.jpgAirbus arrogantly proclaims that the A330 cannot stall, no need to train the pilots or do an emergency procedure for that. Everybody believes it.
  • The CHSCT PN Air France says "it's a big mistake" but they don’t listen to it.
  • In fact, they don’t even know how this type of plane stalls and what to do or not to get out of stall.
  • They have equipped the A330 with 3 crazy Pitot probes that cannot be used at high altitude in the presence of ice crystals if the outside temperature is below -40°C.
  • They know that under these conditions the anti-ice and evacuation capacity through the bleed holes are insufficient, that a plug is formed, that the Pitot probes are blocked and that almost everything is broken down in the A330 cockpit.
  • They know that this blockage is not reported to pilots by any alarm but it is not a problem for them.
  • The simultaneous and undetected loss of deicing of the three Pitot probes could be a catastrophic event as pilots could lose control of their aircraft but they don’t care.
  • A catastrophic event results in the destruction of the aircraft and the death of all occupants but they think it does not matter.
  • They had the same problem in 1994 with an American Pitot probe. They had demanded its elimination in 2001, but now it’s a probe made in France so forget it.
  • A330s fly for several years without any limitation of using these crappy Pitot probes, there are blockages but they don’t care.
  • The favorite reaction of pilots when almost everything is broken down is "what's going on, I don’t understand what happens”! But they think it's not a problem.
  • The frequency of incidents increases sharply in 2008 and they begin to wonder: "Should we eliminate this probe as in 2001? " Airbus says "NO, the A330 reacts as per design"
  • EASA says "since Airbus said NO we say NO"
  • The DGAC says "it is not us it is EASA (sic)"
  • The BEA says "there is no danger"
  • Air Caraïbes says "stop your bullshit, change this probe!"
  • The OCV says "you are stupid or what, change this probe! "
  • Air France is waiting for someone to make a decision and say "in any case we are not going to zigzag to avoid the areas of ice crystals. Costs would go up, productivity would go down, and shareholders would be angry. They have a radar, they fight! "


  • The flights continue as before, there are incidents but they still don’t care.
  • Flight AF 447 takes off from Rio with these 3 crappy Pitot probes and flies straight to an ice crystal zone.
  • The 3 Pitot probes are blocked, almost everything is broken down in the cockpit, the pilots don’t understand what’s happening, they lose control of the A330, the plane is destroyed, all passengers and crew members are killed.
  • They meet all together and the minister says, "Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. The responsibility for this accident amounts to 95% to the pilots. The inquiry will be conducted in the most transparent way. Vive la République, Vive la France "

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